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Where Did the Money Go?

We raised £5734.68!  More information about specifically where the money went will be given in the coming weeks - as they actually spend it!

Half of the money raised goes to support refugees and asylum seekers in Birmingham - through the work of Restore. The contributions to Restore will go towards meeting the costs of activities for lone asylum seeking men and women.  These activities offer social interaction and recreation to build relationships, encourage English language practice and improve wellbeing.  Activities include attending music concerts, visiting places of interest, swimming and getting into the countryside. For example, Restore took 16 asylum seeker men of many nationalities to Haden Hill House where they had a tour round the museum, played football in the grounds and walked in the park.    


An asylum seeker involved in Restore’s activities wrote:

“The social events for men helped me integrate more and familiarised me with local places and I found friends and didn’t feel as much isolated and alienated anymore. I feel confident enough now to be able to call Birmingham home.”  

Restore’s women’s activities vary from craft to music to enjoying the outdoors.  Activities provide respite from daily anxieties, opportunity to practise English, make new friends and discover different parts of Birmingham.  One of our trips involved a visit to Handsworth Park, including a boat trip on the lake and refreshments at the Boathouse Café. 


One of the women said, “Until Restore took us to the park, I never knew it was there.  It is so lovely, now when the sun is shining I catch the bus and I go there.  I always look forward to the next activity, it’s all I have.”

The other half goes to support refugees in Turkey. Some of this money goes to the Bereket Project  - which empowers refugees and emboldens women in North-west Turkey. The project teaches refugees to make woolen items and sells them online and at craft fairs, both in Turkey and in the UK. This provides not just an income but friendship, community and status. See

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